Nathaniel's Story

Nathaniel, 7, was on his way home from the park with his family, on his scooter, when he fell, landing heavily on the pavement.

His parents rushed to him, and noticed Nathaniel was in a lot of pain and his thigh had immediately started to swell. They called an ambulance and were advised to keep him as still as possible.

The paramedics quickly arrived and examined Nathaniel, discovering he had broken his femur. They transported him to the Emergency Department at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, where a team was waiting for him.

Nathaniel’s femur had to be pulled back into place so he was put under anesthetic and put into traction. The team of orthopedic specialists discussed the best treatment for Nathaniel and he was put into a spica (a cast from his chest to his ankles) the next day. He chose a blue coloured cast and became fondly known as “Papa Smurf”!

After a week Nathaniel was able to come home in a specially prepared wheelchair and car seat. He quickly got used to having everything done for him, as moving around was difficult.

Unfortunately after his first check-up, the doctors found Nathaniel’s bone was not fusing properly, and in fact was getting shorter rather than longer. He had to be readmitted to the Hospital to have his cast removed and undergo surgery to have his leg reset with a plate and pins. He had to use the wheelchair for another six weeks, and then he was able to use crutches. He will again have to visit the Hospital to have his plate and pins removed.

“Nathaniel was so lucky to have such wonderful staff looking after him as he was able to spend the summer swimming and playing outside enjoying the sunshine,” his mum Julie said.